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Salvatore Ferragamo位于Ion Orchard的专卖店经过数个月的整修后,于上周重新开幕。为此,品牌特邀城中名媛与时尚潮人齐聚店内,除了欢庆新店落成,贵宾也可预先欣赏品牌新任鞋履创意总监Paul Andrew的最新作品。

ION Orchard Watches & Jewellery

《ICON风华》与爱雍·乌节(ION Orchard)一同特别邀请我们的读者光临朗格(A. Lange & Sohne)、积家(Jaeger-LeCoultre) 、江诗丹顿(Vacheron Constantin)的精品店,了解品牌最新腕表作品。各个品牌还在店内设置了不同的活动,朗格特别为来宾准备了放大镜,亲身体验如何在平衡摆轮上移除小螺丝;积家的负责人为大家介绍今年品牌最新腕表,制表师也与来宾互动;江诗丹顿则是由制表师介绍品牌的机芯,更展示了品牌最新重要杰作Traditionnelle 14天动力储存陀飞轮 – 龙腕表。

Ion Orchard ICON Watches and Jewellery special

Sponsored content: 这项备受期待的常年活动”奢华之藏”(Timeless Luxury)已进入第七届,由爱雍·乌节(ION Orchard)欣然呈献,配合我们的八周年庆祝。

Opera Gallery Singapore

In collaboration with Opera Gallery, ICON invited a selected group of readers to preview the new Opera Gallery art space at ION Orchard. One of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary art, the gallery has a reputation for excellence, integrity and discretion. We also had the privilege of having their global curator, Mr David Rosenberg, share with us his favourite art pieces.