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2005年3月,本地第一本奢华时尚杂志 《ICON 风华》诞生。

《ICON 风华》曾荣获2016年新加坡杂志出版协会大奖(MPAS),是本地双语精英发声的最佳平台,引领读者一起进入高尚华贵的绚丽世界, 为读者送上最新时装、彩妆,以及海内外独家派对报道。

ICON is the luxury guide for today’s affluent and bilingual women.

Featuring an eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty trends, essential readers and profiles of the rich and famous, ICON is the epitome of sophistication and luxe. It sets itself apart with its unique coverage of luxurious lifestyles.

Launched in March 2005, ICON is Singapore’s first and most established Chinese fashion and lifestyle magazine for highly affluent and successful women. It brings the world of luxury to its readers, reporting on exclusive parties here and abroad, the most coveted and exquisite fashion and beauty items money can buy and the glamorous lifestyles of the uber-high-fliers. Compelling reads and beautiful award-winning spreads set ICON apart, with insights into high fashion and the intricacies of watch- and jewellery-making, features on beauty secrets and trends, and profiles of the rich and famous. ICON is the definitive guide for the affluent and famous, and the voice of Singapore’s bilingual elite.