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Yuli Inc. Fine Jewellery欢庆20年光辉

为欢庆20周年这个重要里程碑,本地珠宝商 Yuli Inc. Fine Jewellery在Pan Pacific Orchard酒店隆重举办庆祝会,宴会上珠宝拍卖会的所得款项,捐赠于Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS)慈善机构。当晚,模特儿们化身为艺术雕像,从妆容、发型到服装都紧扣艺术主题,衬托出耀眼夺目的华美珠宝。

With the 20 years milestone, local jeweler Yuli Inc. selected Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) as the beneficiary of the proceeds gathered from the auction of jewellery pieces during the celebration at Pan Pacific Orchard. The night ended, with a showcase of different models presented as an art piece to complement the jewellery pieces designed by Yuli.

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Sharon, Jessie Foo & Jaime Chua 263 9

Friend & Dato Dr Grace Kong 263 10

Venus Teo & Agnes Chandra

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