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10 couples who were the most dashing and charming at ICON Ball 2017 / 最养眼情侣档

城中年度盛宴ICON Ball已经圆满落下帷幕,在繁花似锦、绚丽多姿的“伊甸园”里,每位嘉宾都制造并收获了开心快乐的美好回忆。成双成对的情侣档也是每年晚宴中一个吸睛亮点。一起来看看今年晚宴上最引人注目的登对情侣。


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Ginny Wiluan & Richard Wiluan
Elaine Lim-Chan & Chan Kok Weng
Grace Chong-Tan & Rex Tan
Bryan Tan & Carmen Ow
Jim Rogers & Paige Parker
Lynn Yeow Devito & Beppe Devito
Choo Ken-Yi & Stephanie Lee
Jessie Foo & Bassam Chehaiber
Siow Hua Ming & Karen Soh
Edmund Lin & Trina Liang