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A Glitzy Christmas with Bentley Owners Club Singapore


Bentley Owners’ Club Singapore came together in merriment and comraderie to celebrate an early Christmas. Dressed to the nines for this festive occasion, they were treated to an enchanting experience and a delectable feast.

Members and guests got into the spirit of giving by generously contributing gifts to the children of TOUCH Young Arrows, a community organisation committed to helping children from low-income or single-parent families. It was truly a night to remember.

新加坡宾利车主俱乐部(Bentley Owners Club Singapore,简称BOCS)127日相聚一堂,提前庆祝圣诞佳节。在这特别的日子,他们除了享用美味的盛宴外,也不忘回馈社会。俱乐部会员与嘉宾们向TOUCH Young Arrows社区组织的孩子们捐赠礼品,该组织一向致力于帮助低收入或单亲家庭的子女。一同分享快乐,那晚绝对是一个难忘之夜。

Photo credits: Bentley Singapore

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Aaron Soh, Andy Kuek, Mindy Ler, Mildred Kuek
Angela Ng & Benny Ng
Angela Ng, JIlly Wang, Emily Piak, Wendy Poh
Attlee Ng, Benny Ng, Angela Ng & Arael Boo
Chiang Yu Lan & Dato Elaine Teh
Chong San Nien & Belinda Lim
Chua Soo Yong
Clement Piak, Andy Cher, Winston Hwang
Dato Andy Kuek, Leon Zhang, Daniel Quek
Francis Ong, Mr & Mrs Qian Yude
Ginny Lin & Benny Tan
Inge Boo & Arael Boo
Jeffrey Piak
Emily Piak, Jilly Wang, Angela Ng & Wendy Poh
Keh Soon Heng & Charlene Keh
Kelvin Lim & Jilly Wang
Lewis Ho, Chua Soo Yong, SK Quek, Andy Kuek, Winston Hwang, Andy Cher
Linda Phee & Emily Piak
Lisa Huang & Aloysius Lee
Mildred Kuek, Eri Koakutsu, Inge Boo
Piak Jia Ying

Rosanna Kuek
Stephanie Lim & Dr Winston Hwang

Benny Tan, Ginny Lin, Rosanna Kuek & Clement Piak