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ICON hosts an afternoon soiree at alice+olivia by Stacey Bendet for latest summer collection at ION Orchard

alice + olivia by stacey bendet 呈现2019春夏系列

时尚品牌alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet的设计甜美中带有俏皮感,其创作灵感,源于Stacey Bendet对古董商店的热爱,外加装饰性面料,彩色印花和极度迷人的剪裁,成为不少名人明星出席活动时的最爱。2019春夏系列,从浪漫连身裙、新款夹克、缤纷T恤、紧身连体裤到短款连身衣,无处不散发夏日的欢乐。

时尚品牌alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet的设计甜美中带有俏皮感,其创作灵感,源于Stacey Bendet古董商店的热爱,外加装饰性面料,彩色印花和极度迷人的剪裁,成为不少名人明星出席活动时的最爱。2019春夏系列,从浪漫连身裙、新款夹克、缤纷T恤、紧身连体裤到短款连身衣,无处不散发夏日的欢乐。《ICON风华》读者日前在精品店内选购新款衣装之余,还制作了专属香氛,共度难忘的购物时光。

alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet – the brand synonymous with all things feminine – takes inspiration from Bendet’s love of vintage stores coupled with ornamental fabrics, colourful prints and ultra-flattering fits and created a Hollywood favourite. The summer 2019 collection included daywear dresses, updated jackets, cute whimsical print tees, fun bodysuits and short jumpsuits. Readers had a whale of a time shopping the collection and donning the latest pieces whilst sipping coffee and creating their unique blend of fragrance to take home.

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Lee Jingci, Phuay Li Ying & Li Kaiyi
Violet Yeo, Stella Lee, Joanna Lee Miller, Evelyn Sam & Lawrence Lai Yong
Sylvester Ng, Serene Chua, Tan Khar Nai & Violet Yeo
This summer season's key look from alice + olivia
Lotus Soh & Lawrence Lai Yong
Frances Low & Serene Chua
Jane Heng & Wendy Poh
Guests customising their fragrance by Oo La Lab
This summer season's key look from alice + olivia
Daisy Zhang & Adeline Tiew
Stella Lee & Henry Mok
This summer season's key look from alice + olivia
Uniquely symbolic to alice + olivia signature motif - Staceface
Stella Lee
Melanie Lim, Kellyn Shiau, Lilly Jia, Henry Mok

Frances Low & Lotus Soh
Evelyn Sam
Joyce Ang & Sylvester Ng
Sweet delights featuring Staceface
Angela Ng, Jeanna Chan & Jane Heng
Tan Khar Nai & Lilian Low
Extreme right Heather Siow
Stella Lee & Vivien Teo
Lilian Low & Tan Khar Nai
Geanie Lee & Lilian Low
Stella Lee, Joanna Lee Miller & Evelyn Sam
Key looks from alice + olivia summer season

Daisy Zhang & Joyce Ang

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