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Bentley celebrates Centenary milestone with exquisitely crafted dinner


为庆祝宾利(Bentley)汽车百年来的巧夺天工与卓越,品牌邀请了70位车主与宾客,一同在宾利展览厅尊享百年晚宴,并向众人展示了新款Continental GT敞篷车。

On 6 June 2019, in celebration of a century of luxury craftsmanship and automotive excellence, close to 70 Bentley owners and guests were treated to an exclusive Centenary Dinner within the premise of Bentley’s Showroom. Highlight of the night was the unveiling of the new Continental GT Convertible, giving Bentley owners the exclusive first look to the open-air grand touring. This momentous occasion also featured Bentley’s partners Moët Hennessy, showcasing the Precision Ritual of Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

为庆祝宾利(Bentley)汽车百年来的巧夺天工与卓越,品牌邀请了70位车主与宾客,一同在宾利展览厅尊享百年晚宴,并向众人展示了新款Continental GT敞篷车。此刻,也少不了晚宴合作酒商Moët Hennessy的相伴,让宾客们品尝了Hennessy Paradis Imperial顶级美酒的香醇。

Photo credits: Bentley Singapore

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Jeffrey Piak, Emily Piak, Mr and Mrs Melvin Poh
Hennessy Paradis Imperial
Mrs Melvin Poh, Nancy Ong, Emily Piak, Sally Neo, Evelyn Boey, Angela Ng, Rosanna Kuek, Miranda Kuek, Mildred Ng, Linda Phee, Ginny Lin, Benny Tan
Serene Ho, Linda Phee
Andy Cher, Coco Liao
Benny Ng & Lewis Ho
Daniel Quek, SK Quek, Leon Zhang, Stephanie Lim, Winston Hwang
(Right) Glen Awyong & friend
SK Quek
Eric Hong
Leo Seo Wei, Eric Hong

Neo Kah Kiat, Dato Andy Kuek, David Ong, Nicholas Goh & Robert Tan

Emily Piak
Nicholas Goh & Eric Tan

David Soh, Alan Chong
Andrew Kessler, Alfie teh, Sebastian Soh
Francis Ong, Clement Piak, Rosanna Kuek, Lewis Ho, Leon Zhang

Benny Tan & Ginny Lin
Melvin Poh, Eric Hong, Leo Seo Wei, Daniel Quek, SK Quek, Dato Andy Kuek, Jeffrey Piak, Benny Ng, Leon Zhang, Francis Ong, Lewis Ho