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Chermaine Pang & Terence Siew's 100 Days Party for Twins Lucas & Leia

Terence Siew and Chermaine Pang threw a royalty-themed 100 Days party for their fraternal twins, Little Prince Lucas and Princess Leia, on September 29 at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. Guests were all dressed up in white with fascinators for the royal celebration and treated to a sumptuous spread of local delights. Young ones were kept entertained with the popcorn machine and balloon sculptor. It was also an afternoon of song and dance as guests took to the stage to sing and danced the afternoon away.


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Angela Ng, Lucus Siew & Heather Siow
Chen Kah Lee
Chermaine Pang, Lucas Siew & Serene Chua

Prince & Princess themed cake
Terence Siew, Lucas Siew, Frances Low, Angela Ng, Sharon Heng, Sammi Lim, Heather Siow, Chermaine Pang & Leia Siew
Joyce Goh, Angela Poppy, Evelyn Sam, Pamela Ardana, Karen Low, Mah Ching Cheng
Angela Poppy & Chermaine Pang
Adeline Cheng & Fanty Soenardy
Grace Wong, Tan Khar Nai & Sharon Lim
Susan Yin & Emelie Chen & Pamela Ardana
Serene Chua & Christian

Wendy Poh

Sharon Lim, Grace Wong, Evelyn Sam, Frances Low, Terence Siew, Chermaine Pang, Chen Kah Lee, Jun Low, Tan Khar Nai & Lilian Low
Grace Wong, Heather Siow, Tan Khar Nai, Evelyn Sam & Chermaine Pang
Standing: Grace Wong, Adeline Quek, Jun Low, Chermaine Pang, Terence Siew & Chen Kah Lee Seated: Frances Low, Lilian Low, Tan Khar Nai & Evelyn Sam
Joyce Goh & Leia Siew

Rosalynn Tay
Heather Siow
Terence Siew, Lucas Siew, Chermaine Pang, Leia Siew & Genevieve Peggy Jeffs
Terence Siew, Lucas Siew, Grace Wong, Chermaine Pang & Leia Siew
Jane Heng & Chermaine Pang
Karen Ong Tan, Kara Tan & Chermaine Pang
Terence Siew, Lucas Siew, Leia Siew, Chermaine Pang, Celeste Basapa
Leia Siew
Lucas Siew
Oscar Mico & Audrey Mico
Sharel Ho
Tan Khar Nai & Terence Siew
Terence Siew, Lucas Siew, Leia Siew & Chermaine Pang
Vihari Sheth & Kiara Poddar