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Chermaine Pang's Back to the 60s Birthday Party


今年1月,城中名媛冯爱容(Chermaine Pang)以60年代复古风为主题,在Alma by Juan Amador举办了一场欢乐缤纷的生日派对。受邀的宾客纷纷以1960年的迷人风姿盛装出席,度过充满欢声笑语的美妙下午。

Last month, Chermaine Pang celebrated her birthday in style with a groovy 60s themed birthday bash at Alma by Juan Amador. Close friends of the social elite came dressed in their best take of the 1960s Mod style. It was a splendid afternoon of fun, laughter and dancing.

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Chermaine Pang & Terence Siew
Chermaine Pang
Chermaine Pang
Chermaine Pang with twins Lucas & Leia
Frances Low, Chermaine Pang, Sylvester Ng, Ng King Kang, Grace Wong & Serene Chua
Elaine Lim-Chan, Angela Ng & Chermaine Pang
Elaine Lim- Chan, Chermaine Pang, Sharon Lim, Jilly Wang, Tonya Tan & Angela Ng
Fanty Soenardy, Chermaine Pang, Angela Ng & Tonya Tan
Celeste Basapa, Grace Wong, Chermaine Pang, Stella Mok, Tan Khar Nai & Lilian Low
Angela Poppy, Susan Yin, Violet Yeo, Chermaine Pang & guests
The Siews
Frances Low, Stella Mok, Sharon Lim, Chermaine Pang, Grace Wong, Serene Chua & Tan Khar Nai

Leia Siew, Elaine Lim-Chan, Angela Ng, Jilly Wang, Chermaine Pang, Tonya Tan, Sharel Ho, Wendy Lim & Jane Heng
Tan Khar Nai, Chermaine Pang & Celeste Basapa
Terence Siew, Sylvester Ng, Chermaine Pang & Ng King Kang
Tan Khar Nai, Chermaine Pang, Celeste Basapa, Susan Peh, Sharon Lim, Jane Heng, Jilly Wang, Tonya Tan, Stella Mok & Wendy Lim
Tan Khar Nai, Elaine Lim-Chan, Chermaine Pang, Sharon Lim, Frances Low & Serene Chua
Tan Khar Nai, Susan Peh, Chermaine Pang & Evelyn Sam
Terence Siew & Chermaine Pang
Tonya Tan, Sharon Lim, Angela Ng, Frances Low, Chermaine Pang, Grace Wong, Jacelyn Lai & Elaine Lim-Chan