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Chinese Women's Association celebrates Mother's Day with mother-daughter guests


Chinese Women’s Association (CWA) had an early Mother’s Day celebration at The Tanglin Club on May 10, 2018 attended by close to 100 members and friends. The highlight of the luncheon was an intimate jewellery showcase of precious gemstones by CWA members made up of mother-and-daughter duos: Dr Jade Kua and Marion Teo, Angela Ng and Vanessa Ng, Linda Soo Tan and Zeena Tan, Irene Huang & Gin Huang.
新加坡华人妇女协会于5月10日早早地在The Tanglin Club举办母亲节特别活动,近百位会员与友人受邀参加。午宴的亮点是由四对母女作模特共同展示珍稀珠宝作品,她们包括:Jade Kua与Marion Teo、Angela Ng与Vanessa Ng、Linda Soo Tan与Zeena Tan、Irene Huang与Gin Huang。

Genevieve Peggy Jeffs & Esther Ho

Jin Lu & Esther Ho
Evangeline Sim , Venus Teo, Helen Sugiono Sim , Violet Yeo, Irene Cheam
Angela Bermejo , Corinna Chang & Sandra Rodrigues
Linda Soo Tan
Jacqueline Wang & Mum
Angela Ng, Tan Khar Nai, Chermaine Pang & Corrina Chang
Vanessa Ng & Zeena Tan
Tan Khar Nai & Evelyn Sam
Venus Teo, Violet Yeo, Angela Ng & Evelyn Sam
Grace Yeh
Cerlina Lim & Catherine Yeh
Evangeline Sim & Helen Sugiono Sim
Chui Li Keng & Anne Goh
Phyllis Koh
Staphanie Tang & Anne Goh
Sharon Yeo, Zeena Tan, Linda Soo Tan, Evangeline Sim, Evangeline Sim , Helen Sugiono Sim, Tan Khar Nai, Violet Yeo, Grace Wong & Evelyn Sam
Frances Low & Lisa Huang
Maniza Jumbhoy, Esther Ho & Corrina Chang
Angela Ng
Zeena Tan & Linda Soo Tan
Jewellery Fashion Showcase by Mother & Daughter Duo
Angela Ng & Vanessa Ng
Zeena Tan & Linda Soo Tan
Dr Jade Kua & Marion Teo
Chermaine Pang

Members of CWA
Emmie Ong & Pauline Ong
Faith Lum
Phyllis Koh, Penny Ong, Malinee Srinara & Helen Lim
Irene Huang & Gin Huang
Gin Huang
Jason Burns & Jin Lu
Joan Yim, Liz Quek & Tan Khar Nai
Kelly Ang & Patricia Sudjojo
Lie Zeal Le Roux & Margot Le Roux
Prema Joethy & May Yeo
Grace Yeh & Lotus Soh
Irene Cheam & Genevieve Peggy Jeffs

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