Events 红毯派对

Datin Shann Sok throws a safari-theme party for her son's 100th day celebration.

Close friends and families of Datin Shann Sok gathered at UNA at One Rochester to celebrate 100th day of her 3rd son, Leo. The theme of the party was Safari and the the cake and decorations were specially created for the theme by Little House of Dreams.

Datin Shann Sok早前盛邀亲朋挚友到One Rochester参与其幼子,Leo的100周岁生日派对。派对装饰以野生动物园(Safari)为主题,负责筹办派对的Little House of Dreams团队将会场瞬间变成一个温馨小空间。


A listers attend Celina Lin’s birthday party in slumber wear/性感的卧室生日派对

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Datin Shann Sok, Daphne Teo & Sammi Lim

Joni Lim, Datin Shann Sok, Sammi Lim & Lim Yan Zhen

Pearl Yu & Family
Dr Marilyn Lee, Pearl Yu, Datin Shann Sok & Edalin
Belinda Lim & Joni lim
Daisy Ha, Polly Tan, Joni Lim & Datin Shann Sok
Lim Yan Zhen, Edalin, April Yang, Joni Lim, Datin Shann Sok & Pearl Yu
Tracy Sok
Timothy Wee, John Chan & Tiana Wee
Tracy Sok & Sok Hang Chaw
Timothy Wee , Tiana Wee, Datin Shann Sok, Sammi Lim, Joni Lim, Kingsley Sok, Yan Zhen Lim

Datin Shann Sok

Datin Shann Sok & Kingsley Sok
Datin Shann Sok, Dato John Chan, Serene Jiang, Crystal Sok

Kingsley Sok & Joni Lim