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Dover Park Hospice Sunflower Gala Ball 2019 raised over S$1 million


托福园(Dover Park Hospice, DPH)在上周(8月17日)在城中The Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore举办The Sunflower Gala Ball 2019 年度慈善筹款晚宴,共有500名贵宾出席晚宴, 其中包括新加坡卫生部长颜金勇先生。

过去多年, 托福园开发不同的服务项目, 为临终病人服务;当晚所筹得106万5000新元,善款将作为托福园旗下各项服务基金。

当晚,酒店主厨为贵宾们准备了暖心佳肴,本地歌手Jacintha Abisheganaden 和余仁生总裁

Richard Eu齐齐献声娱众,贵宾们度过了一个美丽的晚上。
On August 17, Dover Park Hospice (DPH) held its annual fundraiser event, the Sunflower Gala Ball 2019, at the The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore with close to 500 guests in attendance including Guest-of-Honor Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health. About S$1,065,000 raised at the dinner will go towards supporting the patients of Dover Park Hospice Inpatient, Home Care and new Day Care programme.
A delightful four-course menu was specially curated and customised to the theme of the night by chefs at The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore. In line with the theme of ‘ JAM, JIVE, JAZZ’, guests were kept entertained throughout the evening with exciting performances. Local singer, Ms Jacintha Abisheganaden and Chairman of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd (EYSI), Mr Richard Eu lent their voices to raise funds for the night.DPH’s very own GEMS showchoir, made up of volunteers, also serenaded guests with song and dance performances. 
Over years, DPH has brought care and comfort to more than 12,000 terminally-ill patients and their families through a programme of active and compassionate service. Speaking at the gala, Chairman of DPH Mr Robert Chew shared expansion plans of the hospice in meeting the growing demands for palliative care services.  
To make an outright donation in support of Dover Park Hospice, you can do so at or contact Dover Park Hospice via email at

Photos courtesy of Dover Park Hospice

Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health, Robert Chew, Chairman of Dover Park Hospice, Dr Karen Soh, Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee, Dr Kwa Chong Teck, Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee
Prof Ho Yew Kee, Dr Ong Wah Ying, Timothy Liu, CEO of Dover Park Hospice, Robert Chew, Chairman of Dover Park Hospice; Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Health; Mrs Gan; Mary Tan; Dr Tony Tan, Patron of Dover Park Hospice; Dr Karen Soh, Dr Kwa Chong Teck, Kemmy Lim
Timothy Liu, Prof Ho Yew Kee, Dr Peng Chung Mien
Edlan Chua, Calvin Chan, Michelle Saram, Wong Mei Ling
Standing: Dominic Pemberton, Clifford Cheah, Shareen Khattar, Gail Wang, Christopher Franck, Phil Wang, Rolf Harrison. Seated: Bernice Franck, Yvonne Maier, Stephanie Cheah, Naomi Wang
Standing: Elizabeth Tan, Matthew Siow, Dr Siow Hua Ming, Mark Siow, Gavin Tan. Seated: Prof Ho Ching Lin, Dr Iroshini Chua, Dr Kevin Chua, Foo Mei Zee
Giuseppe Spinelli, Dr June Goh, Ong Kai How, Dr Iroshini Chua, Dr Karen Soh
Gan Kim Yong & Mrs Gan, Chan Joon Yi
Token of Appreciation presented to Guest of Honour, Gan Kim Yong, & Dr Karen Soh
Dr Karen Soh, Dr Tony Tan, Mary Tan, Mrs Gan, Gan Kim Yong, Dr Kwa Chong Teck, Gay Mei Ling, Robert Chew
Gillian Koh, Euan Murugasu, Gan Kim Yong, Robert Chew
Dr Jade Kua, Lee Twe Jeog, Stephanie Lee
Dr Jim Teo, Dr Eric Hong, Angeline Lau, Celine Ting, Dr Ng Su-Peing, Dr Ooi Wei Seong
Jerry Lim, Pearl Lim
Dr June Goh, Nikki Muller
Celine Ting, Dr Ooi Wei Seong, Dr Ng Su-Peing
Mary Tan, Tony Tan
Timothy Liu, Richard Eu
Jack Lum, Daisy Chin, Dr Andrew Chin, Richard Cheung, Ho Huey Huey, Prof Ho Yew Kee, Derek Chan, Wilma Lum, Cheung Chai Har, Joyce Chiang, Christine Chan
Jack Loh, Loh Li-Yen, Mrs Gan, Gan Kim Yong
Jilly Wang, Joyce Lee, Sylvia Loi, Sharel Ho, Wendy Poh, Lock Ching Yuen
Sara Liu Jing, Amy Wang
So Boon Ling, Anson Ng
Kelly Williams, Junie Lim, Doris Tee, Celine Lim
Christina Chan, Celine Lim, Connie Wu, Irene Chua, Don Tee, Doris Tee, Junie Lim, Kelly Williams
Auction Items for the fund raiser
Dr Zhang Yi Jun, Andrea Aw
Dr Loh May-Han, Dr Adrian Ng
CK Karkhanis, Jane Soon, Dr Adrian Ng, Dr Loh May-Han, Dolly Cheong, Dr Bernard Cheong, Joan Lim, Linda Soo-Tan, Alexis Lhoyer, Gilbert Cheah
Dr Chia Tai Tee, Angelene Chan, Loh Li-Yen, Jack Loh
Dr Loh May-Han, Prof Ho Ching Lin, Gilbert Cheah, Sharel Ho
Chee Ee Lin, Dr Karen Soh, Dr Shirley Kwee, Angela Frias
Loke Wai San, Boon Hui Loke
Jacintha Abisheganaden
Richard Eu
DPH GEMS Showchoir
DPH GEMS Showchoir
DPH GEMS Showchoir