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Eye Ball 2017 charity gala: Social elite doll up in glamorous vibrant colours

The Eye Ball is the annual fund-raising initiative by Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and held in conjunction with the VisionSave campaign.

This year, the ball is held at Goodwood Park Hotel, graced by donors and supporters of SNEC and SERI and also social elites. They came together to raise awareness of eye diseases and advance the cause of ophthalmology in Singapore. Approximately $620,000 was raised that evening, which contributed to the $1.5m raised for this year’s VisionSave. The highlight of the evening was a special performance by Dick Lee, who is also the creative director for the gala .

Associate Professor Ho Ching Lin
Chan Kwai Sum & A. Prof Ho Ching Lin
Jason Chee
A. Prof Ho Ching Lin & Dr Geh Min
Tan Min-Li & Marilyn Lum
Kelvin Lim, A. Prof Ho Ching Lin & Jilly Wang
Chermaine Pang
Dr Ng King Kang and Sylvester Ng
Frances Low
Serene Ang
Belinda Chua
Grace Wong

Belinda Chua, A. Prof Ho Ching Lin & Jacqueline Khoo
Frances Low, Angela Ng, Chermaine Pang, Jilly Wang, Violet Yeo & Suzy
Nikki Muller
A. Prof Ho Ching Lin
Andrea De Cruz, Pierre Png & A. Prof Ho Ching Lin

Dr Calvin Chan, Lock Ching Yuen, Andrea De Cruz & Pierre Png
Pierre Png, Dr Lee Kang Hoe & wife
Clinton Ang, Tina Cheng, Dr Ganesh, Lisa Gwee, Andrea De Cruz & Grace Wong
Lisa Gwee & Dr Ganesh
Dr Ganesh, Lisa Gwee, Casling Tan & Dr Frederick Shen

Dick Lee

Kazuha Kondo

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