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Harper's BAZAAR NewGen Fashion Award crowns Kelly Vallerie as 2019 winner

Kelly Vallerie获颁Harper's BAZAAR NewGen时尚大奖

时尚杂志Harper's BAZAAR举办时尚大奖(NewGen Fashion Award),今年由来自印尼的Kelly Vallerie拔得头筹,成为活动大赢家。

来自印度尼西亚(Indonesia) 的Kelly Vallerie 在日前举办的时尚大奖 Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award 2019拔得头筹,成为今年的优胜者。 她以解构的方式把不同的面料结合,成为多功能的创新服饰,展现卓越的创作功力与技巧。Kelly Vallerie 同时获得一年Istituto Marangoni 奖学金以及一万新元现金奖。

今年的参赛者来自新加坡、泰国、印度尼西亚以及越南。 长达十个月的参赛期间,参赛者与杂志编辑部以及多位设计师合作。此活动由Swarovski 以及Zalora赞助。活动现场,本地歌手Narelle Kheng与Benjamin Kheng均以歌会友,让现场气氛瞬间沸腾起来。

Kelly Vallerie from Indonesia has been crowned the winner of Harper’s BAZAAR Asia NewGen Fashion Award 2019. Having presented a transformative collection comprising asymmetric, deconstructed pieces that can be separated and combined to form multi-functional garments, the designer walks away with a year-long scholarship at Istituto Marangoni and a cash prize of $10,000.

Held in collaboration with Swarovski and supported by Zalora, this year’s edition of NewGen saw contestants from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam compete for the top prize. Throughout the 10 months leading up to the finale runway show, the eight regional finalists were mentored by a panel of editors and established designers who gave invaluable feedback and guidance.

The audience were also treated to Narelle Kheng’s first live performance of her new single, Blue, and Benjamin Kheng gave us a preview of his unreleased track, WICKED.

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