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Henessy Paradis Imperial dinner at Cure

Henessy Paradis Imperial:顶级干邑欢乐享饮

Henessy Paradis Imperial顶级干邑与米其林星级美食撞击出什么火花?《ICON风华》读者在美食与美酒陪伴下度过了一个欢乐夜晚,宾主尽欢。

美食与美酒,是绝配。Hennessy Paradis Imperial 特别在本地米其林星级餐厅 CURE设宴,从前菜、主餐到甜品都经过精心选配,以这美妙的撞击,带出Hennessy Paradis Imperial 顶级干邑的傲人特色。

Hennessy Paradis Imperial 以万中选一的生命之水(eaux-die-vie)调配酿制,由过程繁复,需动用多款窖藏原酒。Hennessy Paradis Imperial干邑口感顺滑且芬芳, 餐厅主厨Andrew Walsh精彩的餐点完全把层次丰富的迷人味道引导出来。

On 11 September, Hennessy Paradis Imperial hosted a specially curated private dinner at Cure Singapore with menu designed by Chef Andrew Walsh. The dinner rose to its peak when guests were treated to savor a glass of Paradis Imperial – The Finest Savoir-Faire of Rare Cognac made of precision.

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Lui Inn Pin, Claire Kuok & Michelle Chen
Sylvester Ng & Renee Tan
Clementine Wee & Joan Soon
Jacelyn Lai & Renee Tan
Dom Perignon P2 2000
Hennessy Paradis Imperial
Edmund Lin, Trina Liang-Lin, Lock Ching Yuen & Dr Calvin Chan
Dion Tang, Joanna Chou & Chou Sean Yu
Dr Calvin Chan & Lock Ching Yuen
Christine Li, Wen Ruo Yi & Grace Guo
Dr Vincent Tan
Lock Ching Yuen, Jocelyn Tan, Dr Gerald Tan
Dr Vincent Tan, Wen Ruo Yi, Grace Guo, Christine Li, Michelle Chen & Elena Tan
Dr Calvin Chan, Lock Ching Yuen, Jocelyn Tan & Dr Gerald Tan
Maarten Hennmes, Joanne Huang, Sylvester Ng, Lui Inn Pin, Claire Kuok, Jacelyn Lai, Renee Tan & Joan Soon
Chef Andrew Walsh
Joan Soon
Sylvester Ng
Hennessy Paradis Imperial
Maarten Hennmes & Joanne Huang
Joan Soon, Clementine Wee & Dr Vincent Tan
Lui Inn Pin, Claire Kuok, Jacelyn Lai & Renee Tan
Trina Liang-Lin, Sylvester Ng & Edmund Lin
Dion Tang, Joanne Chou, Chou Sean Yu, Dr Calvin Chan, Lock Ching Yuen, Jocelyn Tan, Gerald Tan, Clementine Wee,Trina Liang-Lin & Edmund Lin
Dr Vincent Tan & Chef Andrew Walsh
Clementine Wee,Trina Liang-Lin & Edmund Lin