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ICON Ball 2019: Aston Martin's Stunning Display of DBS Superleggera & New Vantage


Aston Martin wowed guests of ICON Ball 2019 with displays of the DBS Superleggera and the New Vantage. Attendees particularly loved the photo booth experience that captured their best pose along with the luxury supercar. We’ve highlighted the best moments caught on camera.

英国著名跑车阿斯顿马丁在 2019 风华年度晚宴上展示DBS Superleggera 与全新Vantage跑车,流线型充满奢华感的设计让贵宾们惊艳,让我们一起回归这精彩的一刻。

Nina Ng & Jamie Chua

Winnie Chan

Andre Hendrata

Chiang Yu Lan

Soraya Wilson

Cheryl Lee

Henry Mok

Jean Yip & Mervin Wee

Evelyn Sam

Joyce Ang

Dyon Foo & Calista Cuaca

Tan Min-Li

Tan Khar Nai

Read more:

Terence Koh & Jamie Chua
The Glamourettes with the New Vantage
Kim Lim
Sylvester Ng, Nina Ng, Tan Khar Nai, Soraya Wilson, Jun Low & Ng King Kang
Adrian Peh, Susan Peh, Melissa Peh & Alvin Soon
Alston Chao, Nina Ng & Bevan Beh
The New Vantage
Kelly Keak
Mervin Wee, Jean Yip, Dawn Yip, Chermaine Pang & Terence Siew
The Glamourettes with the DBS Superleggera

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