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ICON guests treated to authentic Japanese cuisine at NAMI Restaurant & Bar


An intimate luncheon with ICON readers was hosted at NAMI Restaurant & Bar on October 30 where guests embarked on a gastronomical odyssey and were treated to a specially curated 5-course menu using the best seasonal ingredients from Japan. Britt Ng, Head Sommelier of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, also selected wines and paired them with each dish to further enhance the dining experience. On top of the delectable dishes, guests were also wowed by the panoramic views the restaurant provided from level 24 of the Tower Wing at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

10月30日,《ICON风华》在波心(Nami)餐厅与酒吧举办亲密午餐,邀请读者出席并享用美食盛宴。餐厅为来宾特别准备了五道菜肴的菜单,全部精选最好品质的季节性食材。香格里拉酒店的首席侍酒师Britt Ng为每道菜肴搭配了最适合的精品葡萄酒。在享受舌尖盛宴的同时,嘉宾们还可以在酒店塔翼24层将美丽城景尽收眼底。

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Tatiana Teh & Julia Bensily
Editor Sylvester Ng welcoming guests to the luncheon
Sylvester Ng & Melissa Peh
Somik Banerjee, EAM Food & Beverage at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
Rosanna Kuek & Clement Piak
Qli Quek & Willabelle Ong

Appetizers - Kagoshima Fish Cake & Yam Tofu topped with Sea Urchin
Phuay Li Ying & Kaiyi Li
Tatiana Teh
Mizo Meng
Pauline Tan, Qli Quek & Willabelle Ong
Oh Chin Wee
Cheryl Cheong
Rosanna Kuek & Clement Piak
Britt Ng, Head Sommelier at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, explaining the wine pairings
Melissa Peh, Bertrand Peh & Rosanna Kuek
Isabella Cai, Cheryl Cheong & Cindy Karim

Oh Chin Wee, Phuay Li Ying & Kaiyi Li
Amberjack Hotpot
Cheryl Cheong & Cindy Karim
Cindy Karim
Bai Li Yuan
All guests at the luncheon hosted at NAMI Restaurant & Bar