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ICON Launches Social Media Pack to Celebrate its 15th Anniversary


《风华 ICON》今年欢庆15周年,适逢大疫之年,周年庆ICON BALL被迫取消。 但我们仍希望能够以正面积极的方式与读者一起度过艰难的2020;推出特别设计的Instagram 滤镜与WhatsApp 表情包,让读者可以把这份正面力量传送出去!

《风华》杂志今年欢庆15周年,适逢大疫之年,周年庆ICON BALL被迫取消。 但我们仍希望能够以正面积极的方式与读者一起度过艰难的2020。

为此,特别推出Instagram 滤镜与WhatsApp 表情包,让读者可以把这份正面力量传送出去!由本地插画家Alex Tang 设计的表情包以我们的读者为蓝本,展现出优雅大方的气质;虽然无法相见,但大家可以通过手机把拥抱传送给亲友。

而,Instagram 滤镜则是以闪耀为主题,让读者可以套用在照片上,并上传到社交媒体,与我们同欢。 杂质总编辑黄秀俊与14位读者率先试用。

Instagram 滤镜WhatsApp Sticker Pack( 你必须先下载 应用程式才能使用表情包)

ICON celebrates its 15th anniversary with a social media pack that comprises a WhatsApp sticker pack of 5 emojis designed by local illustrator, Alex Tang, and an Instagram filter, “Shine with ICON”.

Featuring ICON’s Editor-in-Chief, Sylvester Ng and 14 of our readers shining with ICON’s Instagram filter!

Step up your communication game with ICON’s WhatsApp sticker pack (slide 15 – 19) as these emojis inject some fun while you are working from home.

Download links of the Instagram Filter and WhatsApp sticker pack:

ICON Instagram FilterICON WhatsApp Sticker Pack (you will need to download the app on your Apple App store or Google Play store to have access to the sticker pack)


Dr Loh May Han
Dr Kellyn Shiau
Winnie Chan & James Quan
Phuay Li Ying
Ariel Mok
Chloe Ng
Daphne Wee
Qli Quek
Rosanna Kuek
Melissa Peh
Pamela Ardana
Yvon Bock
Serene Chua
Shenise Wong
Sylvester Ng, Editor-in-Chief of ICON Singapore
ICON WhatsApp sticker pack: "Hope you are well dear"
ICON WhatsApp sticker pack: "I miss you"
ICON WhatsApp sticker pack: "What?! It's weekend again?"
ICON WhatsApp sticker pack: "Hugs & Kisses"
ICON WhatsApp sticker pack: "Virtual Hugs"