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Kid's Horizon Appeal Gala Dinner raised $1million dollars in aid of KKH Health Fund

Kidz Horizon Appeal慈善晚宴筹获100万善款

8月24日,年度Kidz Horizon Appeal Gala 晚宴在 Ritz Carlton Hotel举行,号召超过500位企业精英以及社会名流出席为慈善显力。
The annual Kid’s Horizon Appeal Gala dinner was held on 24 August 2019, Saturday at Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore with attendance of more than 500 well known social and corporate elites who came together to support the cause towards beneffiting children with cancer and chronic illness.
This year marks their crystal anniversary where guests attended the gala dinner dressed to theme as fashion in History’s greatest empire & dynasties, with special attendance of Guest-of-honor Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for finance.
The Kidz Horizon Appeal is made up of like-minded friends from various industries who have come together to volunteer their time and resources to help the less fortunate needy women and children who are ill, by raising funds and volunteering towards the KKH Health EndowmentFund.

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晚宴在 Ritz Carlton Hotel举行,号召超过500位企业精英以及社会名流出席为慈善显力。这是Kidz Horizon Appeal Gala的15周年,晚宴以历史上最辉煌朝代为主题,因此嘉宾们大多都身着古装现身。副总理兼财政部长王瑞杰也出席了盛会。晚宴所筹获的善款将捐赠予竹脚妇幼医院基金会 (KKHHF),用于支持患有严重疾病与癌症的妇女以及孩童。


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Dr Caroline Low-Heah, Founding Chairperson of Kidz Horizon Appeal
Ruby Deeb & Michael Deeb
Opening Entrance of Empires & Dynasties of the world
Committee Members of Kidz Horizon Appeal: Emmanuel Hadjidakis, Dana Cheong, Belinda Chua, Douglas Benjamin, Dr Caroline Low-Heah, Tang Wen Li, Cheryl Lee, Sybil Lau, Celeste Basapa & Nana Au-Chua
Nomi Claire Lazar & Emanuel Mayer
Douglas Benjamin, Dr Caroline Low-Heah, Odile Benjamin, Dalia Benjamin
Mark Nicholas Heh, Zann Goo, Dr Yeak Hwee Lee
Stella Lee & Henry Mok
Melissa Goh, Tammy Lai
Celeste Basapa, Chia Ngiang Hong & Mao Kwan Hwa
Melissa Goh, Dr Lai Jiunn Herng, Celeste Basapa, Yap Su-yin, Tammy Lai
Barrie Cayford & Valerie Cayford

Grace Wong
Grace Yap & Charlotte Loh
Mao Kwan Hwa, Grace Wong, Audrey Mico & Nana Au Chua
Choo Ken-yi, Stephanie Lee & Evelyn Sheu
xx, Lim Swee Lin, Belinda Chua, Celeste Basapa, Margie Van Elten, Saadia Albrecht
Nicholas Chen, Sandy Chen, Belinda Chua , Ong Yeng Fang, Nisrine
Ladies dressed to themed
Tonya Tan & Angela Ng
Dolly Cheong & Dr Bernard Cheong
Sylvia Yeo, Frances Low, Dr Yeak Hwee Lee
Chiang YuLan, Grace Wong, Doris Lu, Vincent
Henry Mok & Jonathan Kay
Kitch Lum, Ow Pui Yee, Victor Ow, Carmen Ow & Bryan Tan
Melvin Tan, Lynn Tan, Mary Hoe-Tan , Juny Gunawan, Hartono Gunawan, Audrey Lau
Ingrid Prasatya, Doris Lu, Kitch Lum, Lilian Low, Emily Piak & Odile Benjamin
Paul Ng, Lena Ng, Janek Schergen, Laura Hwang, Michael Hwang, Sybil Lau, Chia Ngiang Hong
Victor Ow, Ow Pui Yee, Bryan Tan, Carmen Ow & friends
Gilbert Cheah
Jag Sekhon & Simren Sekhon
Emily Piak & Jeffrey Piak
Lynn Tan, Mary Hoe-Tan
Ingrid Prasatya, Stephanie Lee, Mia Elliot, Olga Iserlis
Guest-of-honor Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for finance with Organising Committee of Kidz Horizon Appeal Gala 2019
Estelle & Jakub
Carrel Ling, Aivina, Anakins, Josephine Mak
Wendy Long, Joan Soon

Stephanie Lee & Constance Chiu
Henry Mok & Stella Lee

Lotus Soh & Kitch Lum

Celeste Basapa & Dr Heah Sieu Min

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