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Photos: Launch of Swee Lin's book on 10 easy habits of eating well being well

Lim Swee Lin launched her inaugural book at The Waterfall,Shangri-la Hotel Singapore. Through the book, Swee Lin hopes to guide people to understand the basics of nutrition and that by eating well, how one can positively influence our own health. Swee Lin: “It is my hope that by writing the book, I can light a path for others in health and wellness.” Swee Lin’s e-book is available for purchase on


Forget steamboat, there’s now the new steam pot for health-conscious diners

Clara Goh Belinda Chua and Olga Iserlis
Lim Swee Lin, Sylvia Choy, Lynn Lee & Karen Yew
Belinda Chua & Lim Swee Lin
Tania Hoahing

Sofie Pelletier, Lim Swee Lin & Stephania Zarikow
Joanna Kwa & Lim Swee Lin
Olga Iserlis and Brittany Levinson
Lim Swee Lin & Sarah Saatchi