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Leo Camerini celebrates International Women’s Day with ICON

《风华》与Leo Camerini一同欢庆国际妇女节

为庆祝国际妇女节,《ICON风华》与意大利奢侈品牌Leo Camerini 于香格里拉酒店的The Waterfall餐厅为读者们举办一场温馨的晚餐会。

ICON celebrated International Women’s Day over two sessions, on 2 & 3 March at Waterfall Ristorante Italiano, Shangri-La Hotel. Hosted by ICON’s Editor-in-Chief, Sylvester Ng, and Brand Ambassador of Leo Camerini, Furqan Saini, the ladies were introduced to Leo Camerini’s world of craftsmanship through the discussion on “The Importance of Savoir Faire in an all too crowded marketplace”. 

Leo Camerini brings its legacy of the finest Italian handbag making to Asia, making Singapore its first stop. Founded on a philosophy of bespoke craftsmanship in the Italian city of Verona, Leo Camerini not only offers Asian consumers the quality that is synonymous with luxury Italian brands, but the brand’s design and workmanship with exotic skin handbags sets itself apart from existing brands in the market.

Leo Camerini’s RTW collection is available via their e-store.

为庆祝国际妇女节,《ICON风华》与意大利奢侈品牌Leo Camerini 分别在3月2日及3日,在香格里拉酒店的The Waterfall餐厅为读者们举办温馨的晚餐会。由《ICON风华》总编Sylvester Ng和Leo Camerini代表人Furqan Saini一同主持活动,与读者们分享了精湛工艺的重要性,共度欢快夜晚。

意大利奢侈品牌Leo Camerini的珍稀皮革及高级定制手袋,专为摩登女性打造,以无可挑剔的工艺与卓越的品质为名。特别的是,拥有意大利与法国血统的设计师Camerini,将两地的特色与文化巧妙交融,注入在手袋设计中,展现对精湛技艺的不懈追求。Leo Camerini 将生意首次拓展海外,第一站选在新加坡,为本地顾客提供精美奢华的手袋。


Leo Camerini celebrates International Women's Day with readers of ICON
Leonardo Camerini, Designer & Founder of Leo Camerini, give a warm virtual welcome to readers of ICON
Furqan Saini, Brand Ambassador to Leo Camerini
Sylvester Ng, ICON's Editor-in-Chief, & Tan Min-Li
Amanda Steckler
Sylvester Ng, Belinda Chua, Pauline Chan, Dr Caroline Low, Jin Lu, Paige Parker & Furqan Saini
Trina Liang & Tan Min-Li
Paige Parker

Readers had a first preview of 8 Leo Camerini bags flown in from Italy
Pauline Chan
LEO30 COMÈTE - A series of pearls and crystals cruise in the deep black space.
Sylvester Ng & Jessie Ho-Thong
(Left) HANDBAG 3.3 - Delicate rose shaken by tenacious violet blows and orange heat. (Right) STARDUST - A glossy yellow gold patina is gently brushed off by hand from the matte blossom pink crocodile leather.
Furqan Saini showcasing Handbag 3.3 - the brand’s first creation and most popular design
Belinda Chua & Sylvester Ng
Furqan Saini & Marilyn Lum
NEBULOSA - Multicoloured sequins are embroidered all around the bag
Paige Parker, Furqan Saini, Dr Caroline Low-Heah, Belinda Chua, Pauline Chan, Sylvester Ng & Jin Lu
Sylvester Ng & Trina Liang
Jin Lu & Paige Parker
Furqan Saini & Dr Caroline Low-Heah
SHOULDER BAG CONSTELLATION - In the deep dark space, two constellations of crystals arise. Golden threads, pearls and studs compose gold and silver stars, with embroideries made by hand in an embroidery atelier in Paris.
CLUTCH GEMELLE NIGHT BLUE, ANTIQUE ROSE - Night blue and antique rose depict the unique Chiaroscuro finishing paired with Lapis Lazuli stones naturally pair with the hues of the leather.

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