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Minotti 2016 Collection Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni

Minotti, an Italian brand with more than 60 years in the making, released their 2016 Collection which includes the Freeman Sofa, Creed Armchair, Brisley Side Table & Jacob Coffee Table.The 2016 Collection echoes the changes in the realm of furnishings and decor and interprets the increasingly widespread need to live one’s space by fully enjoying every part of it, including the outdoors. A versatile seating system open to accessorizing with a selection of complementary pieces – armchairs, coffee tables, tables, chairs, storage elements – to compose a new attitude to domestic design that conveys relaxed elegance and a fluid style that that can be found in outdoor settings, in an exciting play of visual associations between indoors and out.

Minotti is well known for their intrinsic detailing efforts to develop every collection, with the balance between comfort and aesthetics. The collection was unveiled with invited speakers from Gwen Tan partner of Formwerkz and Peggy Tan from Project Lighting Design. They shared their professional insights to recommend and highlight tips on selection of furniture and the use of different types of lightings to create different ambience in a home settings.

This collection as quoted by Interior designer/ partner of Formwerkz: “Freeman happens to be her favourite among all the sofa collections as it has very refined details that is akin to fine tailoring”.

Pairing with fine Italian furniture, Sarment Wines presented 3 selection of champagnes from Henri Giraud. The owner Henri Giraud says: “Champagne is uniquw in that it can be drunk at any moment. It’s not a single drink however, you have different cuvees from different terroir and different vintages. Every moment of the day you can find a style of champagne to match the time.”

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Jereme Ang, Trevor Toh & Bobby Tay
Champagne from Henri Giraud by Sarment Wines
Jilly Wang
Datin Chris Teo & Kong Ning
Paul Pauh & Alan Leong
Benjamin Kim & Oh Chin Wee
Oh Chin Wee, Associate Editor
Gwen Tan from Formwerkz
Peggy Tan, Project Lighting Design
Jean Wee & Rachel Foong
Marilyn Lum & Lock Ching Yuen
Tonya Tan
Stella Yang & Vivian Xin
Rachel Foong & Oh Chin Wee
Dr Bernard Cheong & Benjamin Kim
Tonya Tan, Dolly Cheong, Kelly See, Oscar Mico, Serene Chua & Guillaume Willk -Fabia
Dr Adrian Ng & Dr Loh May Han