Events 红毯派对

Moët & Chandon delighted guests as it toasted the joy of life's special moments

Moët & Chandon 与宾客尽情干杯

The annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day had friends and guests of the Maison come together to raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the memorable moments that bring joy to their lives. The celebrations flowed from hour to hour with unique experiences, starting with a day-time fashion inspired pop up at Paragon and culminating with The Grand Toast and Dinner Party at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel. From local Singaporean calligraphers personalising bottles of champagne to the Grand Toast with live musicians and ballerinas, guests came together in celebration of Moët & Chandon’s magic, wonder and brilliance.  

Moët & Chandon 把每年的6月9日定为“ Moët Grand Day”。今年年度盛会,品牌特别准备了璀璨的香槟派对,特别在百丽宫(Paragon) 举行了快闪活动,紧接晚上在新加坡丽思卡尔顿美年酒店(Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel)举行晚宴。当晚,宾客们也进行盛大的Grand Toast 干杯仪式,并且在现场演奏之下,度过了璀璨绚丽的金黄色香槟之夜。

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Kristian Korsvik
Yumika Hoskin, Fiona Fussi, Claire Jedrek, Hanli Hoefer & Nikitia Chilkuri
Kristian Korsvik, Magdaline Yeo, Yoon Jung Ma & Willis Liu
Goh Bock Seng & Chloe Chai
Eva Borri & Edward Russell
Shenny Yang & Francesca Tan
Chang Ling, Clara Goh & Stojan
Tabitha Nauser, Fiona Fussi, Yumika Hoskin, Claire Jedrek, Hanli Hoefer & Nikitia Chilkuri
Viktoria Yustinovich & Matthew Gideon
Daphne Wee & Constance Lau
Jamie Smith & Wilber Go
Dylan Chan, Viktoria Yustinovich & Matthew Gideon
Yohei Ueno, Roz Pho, Willin Low & friend
Nikitia Chilkuri & Hanli Hoefer
Dylan Chan, Viktoria Yustinovich & Matthew Gideon
Scott Littlewood, Fiona Fussi, Yumika Hoskin, Nikitia Chilkuri, Claire Jedrek, Yuey Tan & Hanli Hoefer
Natalie Eng & Amber Chan
Edwin Goh & Vanessa Xuan
Alma Bisekeeva & Tabitha Nauser
Grace Huang, Charmaine Yee, Peggy Chang & Sasha Christian
Dylan Chan & Viktoria Yustinovich
Yohei Ueno & Roz Pho
Magdaline Yeo, Kristian Korsvik & friend
Charmaine Yee, Eugena Bey, Grace Huang & Venessa Goh
Willin Low, Denise Tan, Yasminne Cheng
Myke Motus
Lance Lim & friend
Jeremy Chia & Novita Lam
Zhai Si Ming, Laneck Lim, Edwin Goh, Vanessa Xuan, Valnice Yek and Kok Wei Le