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Our Perfect weekend: Social elite Grace Wong celebrates birthday with Yakuza-themed party

本地名媛Grace Wong以“黑社会”为主题开庆生派对

本地社交圈名流名媛齐聚在新加坡四季酒店,为Grace Wong庆祝60岁生日。

Society’s elites gathered on December 2 and celebrated Grace Wong’s 60th birthday at a black society-themed party at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. Guests were all dressed up in line with the theme, completed with tattoo sleeves and sunglasses provided at the venue. The celebrant made an entrance with bodyguards in tow and thanked guests for attending as well as their donations towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore, the non-profit organization Grace had adopted for this occasion. Eugenia Fernandez serenaded guests throughout the evening on top of having the birthday celebrant herself treating guests to some ballroom dancing. Chinese dim sum restaurant Black Society contributed snacks to the door gifts for guests.

12月2日,本地社交圈名流名媛齐聚在新加坡四季酒店,为Grace Wong庆祝60岁生日。庆生派对以“黑社会”为主题,宾客们纷纷穿上黑道装扮,贴上戴上墨镜,穿上纹身袖,扮起黑道大哥大姐。派对主角带着保镖们入场,并感谢宾客到场及对新加坡Make-A-Wish Foundation的捐赠。Eugenia Fernandez还为派对奏响小夜曲,让宾客尽情跳舞。中式点心餐厅黑社会(Black Society)给宾客献上了美味的小点与精美的礼物。

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