Events 红毯派对

Pop up dinner in appreciation of ICON's 20 Best Dressed by Bentley Singapore

Bespoke Dinner curated by Chef Stephan Zoisl in Bentley's newly renovated showroom
Welcome speech by Sylvester Ng, editor of ICON
Allan Wu, Tan Min-Li & Sylvester Ng
Lynn Yeow De-vito
Hennessy VSOP paired with the dishes served at dinner
Arctic Bonito - Tuna Sashimi , Peas prepared in 3 ways
Black angus beef tartare & Scallops pea beurre noisette
Lucinda Law & Jamie Chua
Dr Chan Kok Weng, John Ng & Clementine Wee
Coco Tang & Tan Min-Li
Illustrations by Lucinda Law
Alcohol Partner: Hennessy
Terence Koh & Beppe De-vito
Chef Stephan Zoisl

Pang Cheong Yan, Dr Ho Ching Lin & Elsie Yah
Elsie Yah & Fanty Soenardy
Dr Chan Kok Weng, Elaine Lim Chan & Ian Mclernon
Grace Chong Tan & Dr Ernest Rex Tan
John Ng
Dato Tan Kong King & Datin Tan Khar Nai
Jeanna Chan & Joanne Goh
Chocolate Gateau paired with Hennessy XO
Sylvester Ng & Datin Sharel Ho