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Porsche Club Singapore members gathers for annual Christmas party


On December 8, Porsche Club Singapore held its annual Christmas party at W Singapore with over 200 guests in attendance including Karsono Kwee, Chairman of Eurokars Group. Guests arrived in Martini colours – red, blue and white – and were treated to a cocktail reception by Martini and Grey Goose. There were fierce competition among its club members as they raced one another at the Porsche Design driving simulator for the fastest lap timings for the evening. Tay Kexin and her band kept guests entertained during dinner, belting out Christmas carols in light of the festive season.

12月8日,新加坡保时捷车队在城中W Hotel预先欢庆圣诞,当晚共有200位贵宾共聚同乐,包括Eurokars Group总裁 Karsono Kwee。最有趣的当晚嘉宾都以马丁尼鸡尾酒的红、蓝与白色为主要打扮色出席盛会。宴会中大家也一同畅饮了Martini Grey Goose鸡尾酒,保时捷同好们也在保时捷模拟器中比赛;嘉宾们在本地歌手郑可欣与乐队们的欢乐歌声之下共度了欢乐时刻。

Victor Liao, Garry Tay, Jeffrey Cheong, Simon Ong, Lyndon Teoh, Daniel Kwan, Jim Man Kit & James Tay
Cassendra Wong & Von Leong
Veron Ng, Achim Schulz, Darshan Mehta, Wei Wei Wee-Stekly, Zoe Stekly & Dominic Stekly
Seated: Lim Yuji, Gavin Sung & Victor Yeap Standing: Reuben Tan & Kelvin Liu

Porsche Club Singapore President Leon Liu, Jan Muthmann, Claudia Muthmann & Maryna Slichna
Miko Xiao & Jacqueline Yu
Michelle Wai, Wei Wei Wee-Stekly & Cheryl Lee
Melissa Ong, Dr Shane Abucewicz-Tan, Dr Leo Kah Woon & June Ho
Simon Ong, Vera Ong, Melody Tan, Cheryl Lee, Gavin Sung, Michelle Wai & Jim Man Kit
Kenneth Sim, Rick Chiam & Reuben Tan
Ken Ong, Lim Eng Hui, Olivia (Li Chen) Plogmann, Oliver Plogmann, Veron Ng, Achim Schulz & Sim Hwee Hong
Kelvin Lim, Rick Chiam, Koh Cheng Hwee, Melody Tan & Leon Liu
Zoe Zhou
June Ho, Melissa Ong, Evelyn Fan & Kaserine Tse
Andrea Richards-Savage, Cameron Richards-Savage, Sue Neo & Klaus Ludwig

James Tay, Raymond Lim, Victor Yeap, Jesmond Lim, Serene Sim & Joel Dangoy Chai
Ivy Neo & Peter Lim
Evelyn Fan & Olivia (Li Chen) Plogmann
Dr Leo Kah Woon, Jim Man Kit & James Tay

Desmond Tham, Lawrence Chin & Leonard Yeung
Claudia Muthmann, Jan Muthmann, Charmain Kwee, Karsono Kwee, Jason Lim, Francis Lee, Garry Tay, Carena Chen & Shaun Domoney
Chris Lim I-An, Gavin Sung, Leon Liu, Dr Wong Her Shann, Karsono Kwee, Charmain Kwee, Francis Lee, Darshan Mehta, Alex Chun, Lim Yuji, Sim Hwee Hong & Jim Man Kit
Jade Yeap, Sabrina Chua, Tina Tao & Joanna Pang
Tay Kexin
Charmain Kwee & Jim Man Kit
Catherine Lee & Serene Low