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Exclusive Prada x ICON event showcasing made-to-order shoe service

城中名媛尊享Prada“Made To Order”女士鞋履定制服务

意大利时尚品牌Prada自2014年推出的Made To Order女士鞋定制服务,深受顾客喜爱。如今,这项服务于限定时期内来到新加坡,《ICON风华》也与品牌联手合作,首度为读者举办购物活动,让她们在舒适的百丽宫(Paragon)Prada精品内选购自己心仪的鞋履。这项“Made To Order”旨在打造真正个性化的定制鞋履,共有16款选项,可根据自己的喜好,定制鞋履的款式、面料、颜色、鞋跟及图案,让每一位顾客都能找到属于自己独一无二的鞋子。活动上,也请来插画家Grace Ciao, 为来宾们画出她们所购买的定制鞋履,留作纪念。

Italian luxury fashion house, PRADA presents exclusive made-to-order shoes at its Paragon outlet on 25 September.

With over 16 designs to choose from material, type, colour and heel height, PRADA ensures each pair to be carefully and wonderfully made to individual’s comfort and style preference; a unique way of owning your very own pair of shoes like no other.

For every pair of made-to-order shoe, on-site illustrator, Grace Ciao replicates the customised pair as a memento.

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Jacqueline Wang & Pek Lay Peng
Yvonne Chua, Regina Han, Wendy Poh & Jeanna Chan
Georgina Lee, Joyce Ang & Wendy Poh
Mario Castelo & Jane Heng
PRADA @ Paragon
Georgina Lee, Joyce Ang, Jacelyn Lai & Grace Wong
Kathryn Yap & Laura Poh
Sharon Heng & Jacqueline Wang
Sharon Heng, Joyce Ang, Jacelyn Lai & Grace Wong
Jane Heng, Jeanna Chan & Angela Ng
Serene Chua
PRADA @ Paragon
Fanty Soenardy
Jacqueline Wang
Jacqueline Wang & Serene Chua
Sylvester Ng & Lim Swee Lin
Sharon Heng, Emily Piak & Joyce Ang
Serene Chua & Grace Wong
Sylvester Ng & Janet Ang
PRADA @ Paragon
Kellyn Shiau
Serene Chua & Sylvester Ng
Melanie Lim & Kellyn Shiau
Serene Chua
Emily Piak & Pauline Chan
Serene Chua & Kellyn Shiau
PRADA @ Paragon
Grace Ciao, Prada On-site Illustrator