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Purple-themed party for Lisa Gwee's 2nd daughter

城中名媛Lisa Gwee为小女儿举办百日宴

城中名媛医生Lisa Gwee和老公Dr G于10月19日在新加坡瑞吉酒店为小女儿La’el举办百日宴,庆祝派对以“紫色”为主题,邀请亲朋好友同欢。

Lisa 表示,生日会上未必需要一个大的、单层或多层的蛋糕,其实精美的杯子蛋糕一样优雅,而且还可以省去麻烦,让客人们能平均分配。


Lisa Gwee celebrates youngest daughter’s 100th day at St.Regis Singapore on 19 October. Guests came dressed in their best purple outfit at the purple-themed intimate celebration.

Lisa showed that a tall, single-tiered or multi-tiered cake is not necessarily needed at birthday parties. Beautifully decorated cupcakes are just as elegant. It is hassle-free and can be evenly portioned for your guests. The venue was also thoughtfully decked with different shades of purple, from the decorations to the table setting and food, yet it wasn’t over-the-top.

Elaine Lim Chan, Dr G, La'el, Lisa Gwee & Dr Chan Kok Weng
Benjamin Kim, Serene Tan & Dr G
La'el's 100th Day
Dr G, La'el, Lisa Gwee, Vihari Poddar,Kiara Poddar, Abhishek Poddar & Dhrissh Poddar
Dr G, La'el, Lisa Gwee, Serene Tan & Bejnamin Kim
Dr G, Lisa Gwee & Edwin Tong
Edwin Tong & La'el
La'el's 100th Day
Jess Ng, Lisa Gwee & Carol Shieh
La'el & Carol Shieh
Lisa Gwee & Pamela Ardana
Lock Ching Yuen & Caitlyn Chan
La'el's 100th Day
Serene Tan & La'el
Tina Ang & Chiara Ang
Tina Ang, Lisa Gwee, Dr G & Clinton Ang
Victor Ow, Dr G, La'el, Lisa Gwee & friends
Elaine Lim Chan, Dr Chan Kok Weng & Grace Wong
Tina Ang, Elaine Lim Chan, Grace Wong, Lisa Gwee, Carol Shieh & Cheryl Wee
La'el's 100th Day
La'el's 100th Day