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Scotts Square gets you party-ready this Christmas


《ICON风华》读者在诗阁广场(Scotts Square)体验令人畅心愉悦的购物乐趣,做好迎接圣诞佳节的准备。

Christmas shopping has begun at Scotts Square, where guests were treated to a shopping spree at Empire Treasures and Trixilini on 5 Dec.

The festive shopping started with lots of sparkle at local bespoke jeweler, Empire Treasures, which houses the world’s finest unheated jewels you will find. Founded by Thomas Chia, who was inspired by his wife’s love for fine and high-end jewellery, he ensures each quality gemstone is certified and authenticated by various gem laboratories around the world.

Next stop, Trixilini – one of the most well-known local multi-label women’s apparel boutiques, for styling ideas for the festive season. Finally, the session wrapped up with a talk by K-sisters – a South Korean fashion apparel and skincare distributor based in Singapore, who preps your skin to look party-ready and fabulous no matter the season.

圣诞节将近,《ICON风华》邀请读者到诗阁广场(Scotts Square)尽情购物。购物狂欢从位于一楼的本地奢华珠宝商Empire Treasures展开,贵宾们一边欣赏璀璨珠宝首饰,一边品尝美酒甜点。受到钟爱轻奢珠宝及高级珠宝的太太启发,Thomas Chia创立了Empire Treasures品牌,售卖以天然未加热宝石制成的珠宝首饰。他确保每一颗宝石都经过专人验证,品质优良。位于三楼的本地多品牌时尚精品店Trixilini,店内售卖众多亚洲及新加坡设计师的作品,宾客们聚集于此找寻圣诞派对时尚灵感,挑战适合在佳节期间穿戴的服饰。最后,韩系美容品牌Ksisters帮助大家漂亮迎接佳节的到来。

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ICON x Scotts Square Christmas shopping
Thomas Chia, Founder of Empire Treasures & Nitsa Chia
Furqan Saini, Nitsa Chia & Thomas Chia
Frances Low & Melissa Loh
Emily Piak, Violet Yeo, Tan Khar Nai, Nitsa Chia, Grace Wong, Angela Ng, Serene Chua, Frances Low & Sylvester Ng
18K white gold and yellow gold ruby jewellery set from Empire Treasures
Sylvester Ng & Serene Chua
Angela Ng, Elaine Lee, Yeo Wan Ling, Grace Wong & Tan Khar Nai
18K white gold unheated Myanmar vivid blue sapphire necklace from Empire Treasures
18K gold royal blue Burmese 9.15 carats sapphire earrings from Empire Treasures
Grace Wong
Tan Khar Nai
Doreen Koe Pattijn & Elise
Angela Ng & Grace Wong
Yeo Wan Ling & Elaine Lee
Sylvester Ng & Doreen Koe Pattijn
Angela Ng & Violet Yeo
Violet Yeo, Serene Chua, Grace Wong & Angela Ng
Desserts from Lady M
Furqan Saini shares festive season styling tips with guests of ICON
Elise & Doreen Koe Pattijn
Sabrina Matthews & Kevin Matthews
Teo Sijia, Lam Tse Yi & Lam Min Yee
Frances Low, Sylvester Ng & Melissa Loh
Grace Wong, Serene Chua, Sabrina Matthews, Jas Ng
Joyce Ang, Oh Chin Wee & Emily Piak
Frances Low
Tan Khar Nai & Angela Ng
Sylvester Ng & Joyce Ang
Lee Jungmin, founder of K-Sisters shares skincare tips with guests of ICON
Amber Leow de Boer & Fay Rees
Violet Yeo, Emily Piak, Tan Khar Nai & Angela Ng
Scotts Square Christmas Shopping event