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Photos: See how Entrepreneur & Organiser of Singapore Fashion Week Tjin Lee celebrated her baby's 1st Birthday!

John Lim & Tjin Lee celebrated her second son’s, Jake Lim first birthday with a panda themed party on July 16th at Trehaus, with an afternoon filled with polka dots, pet balloons and panda-monium on the dessert table. See who attended the party to celebrate adorable Jake one year party!


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Tyler Lim, John Lim, Tjin Lee & Jake Lim
Adrian Ng, Loh May-Han, Tiara Shaw & Mark Shaw
Allssa Ong & Michelle Eng
Belinda Huber & Ashley Huber
Bella Koh, Alessandra Yeung & Terence Yeung
Liam Quah
Lum May Yee & Kinley Lam
Peter Lok, Leia Lok, Tjin Lee, Jake Lim, Lauren Lok and Ember Yong
Shaun Tay, Philip Tay, Jake Lim & John Lim
Stefan Ye, Johann Ye and Patricia Teo
Tiara Shaw, Belinda Huber & Stephanie Lee
Wendy Chin, Leia and Lauren Lok
Jake Lim, John Lim, Christopher Tay, Joey Loh, Luke Loh and Andrea Woo
Stephanie Lee, Max Choo, Choo Ken-Yi
Angie Lai-Tay & Elliott Tay
Bernard Sim, Natalie Sim & Huishan Yong
Dolores Au, Charlotte Au & Chris Au
Jeannie Lim and Matthew Wong