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Social elite Vivien Teo's Ferrari Valentine's Day Celebration

名媛Vivien Teo法拉利主题情人节派对

城中名媛Vivien Teo在Ital Auto展厅举办法拉利主题派对,与亲友度过与众不同的情人节。

Social elite Vivien Teo throws a Ferrari-themed party at Ital Auto showroom, celebrating a uniquely different Valentine’s Day.

The luncheon, drenched in the iconic red race car-themed party was concluded with the unveil of the Ferarri Portofino.

Guest were gifted with customised anti-virus kit, thoughtfully prepared by Vivien herself, consists of items like a hand sanitiser and redoxon – a Vitamin C effervesence drink.

城中名媛Vivien Teo在Ital Auto展厅举办法拉利主题派对,与亲友度过与众不同的情人节。红色是法拉利的标志性颜色,现场布满红色气球与装饰,增添欢乐气氛。午宴过后的Ferarri Portofino新车揭幕仪式,为派对划下完美句点。每一位宾客都收到了Vivien贴心准备的“抗病毒装备”,里头包含干洗洗手液、维他命C等等。

Vivien Teo's Portofino Ferarri Party
Vivien Teo's Portofino Ferarri Party
Vivien Teo
Attlee Ng , Dr Ng King Kang, Angela Ng, Vivien Teo, Tonya Tan & Chermaine Pang
Vivien Teo
Tonya Tan, Chermaine Pang, Vivien Teo & Angela Ng
Nicole Sim, Vivien Teo, Tonya Tan, Laura Lim
Vivien Teo
Vivien Teo's Ferarri Portofino Car Party
Mr Ang & Vivien Teo
Vivien Teo's Portofino Ferarri Car Party
Laura Lim, Vivien Teo, Fanty Soenardy & Evelyn Yeoh
Attlee & Angela Ng
Clementine Wee & Vivien Teo
Nicole Sim & Tonya Tan
Vivien Teo's Portofino Ferarri Car Party
Anita, Vivien Teo & Hazel
Belinda Chua & Vivien Teo
Evelyn Yeoh & Vivien Teo

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