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Stroke Support Station raises over $2.38 million at charity dinner graced by Singapore President Halimah Yacob


非盈利团体中风康复者援助中心(Stroke Support station) (S3) 于5月18日在香格里拉酒店的Island Ballroom 举办慈善晚宴,特别邀请新加坡总统 Halimah Yacob 参与盛会。当晚, 约800位贵宾参与了这场 由国际知名佳士得拍卖行所负责的慈善筹款。
Teo Poh Yim女士于2016年成立S3中风康复者援助中心,旨在 宣扬及提高民众对中风的保健意识,为本地中风康复者与其家属提供康复与护理相关训练,以确保中风康复者在漫长的康复过程中能够获得更完善的照顾。这次所筹获的善款将运用在S3于新加坡各地援助中心。

On May 18, not-for-profit organisation Stroke Support Station held a charity gala dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s Island Ballroom. Over 800 attendees turned up to support the cause, including Mdm Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore.

The event raised over $2.38 million, with proceeds going towards the support of S3 wellness centres in Singapore which provides stroke survivors with assistance.

The Stroke Support Station was established in 2016 with the objective to provide programmes to help in the recovery journey of stroke survivors using an evidence-based approach.

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