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Ove and Ying present “The Time Capsule” Exclusive shopping experience

Ove 与 Ying 呈现“The Time Capsule”购物之旅

12月3日,新加坡生活品牌The Ove Collection 携手本地服装品牌Ying The Label,于The Iveria呈现独一无二的“The Time Capsule”购物体验。

此次的活动共有30多家本地品牌参与其中,场地以不同空间组合而成,皆由创意工作者与工匠们的精心策划,每个房间根据不同的品牌特色打造出独特的主题,像是“The Garden Room”展示了本物插画家Lucinda Law的作品,“The Grand Living Room”则展示着Willabelle Ong的画作。


为配合后疫情时代的“新常态”,Ove和Ying还特别设计出名为“Autumn”的生活配饰组合——奢华百褶和服及同款陶瓷盘子,透过Ying标志性的水彩画艺术反映了Ove的经典永恒的设计精神。系列的主图为秋天的“银杏叶”(Ginko Leaf),是一种象征魅力、长寿及强大的毅力。 它是一棵能生存上千年的树木。因此,这套“Autumn”组合希望启发他人看见脆弱之美,并记得事情总有一线希望的时候。


The preview for The Time Capsule at The Iveria, a first-of-its-kind experiential retail journey by Ove & Ying, was held on 3 December.

Guests got to discover over 30 local creatives and artisans as they journeyed through different spaces in a home. Some highlights include The Garden Room which featured botanical artworks by local botanical artist Lucinda Law and The Grand Living Room which featured an art piece by Willabelle Ong.

Ove and Ying’s also launched their collaborative lifestyle set christened Autumn, which collects a luxurious pleated kimono and a matching ceramic plate. Both feature a hand-painted ginkgo leaf design from Ying – inspired by the concept of fluidity, and how the season of autumn is a time of change and hope.

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Joan Chang, Jenny Tay & Phuay Li Ying
Terence Siew & Chermaine Pang
Beatrice Tan, Joan Chang, Phuay Li Ying & Sharon
Lelian Chew
Phuay Li Ying & Linda Soo-Tan
Rachel Lim, Phuay Li Ying & John Cheng
Complimentary manicure by AUUM
Yvon Bock
The Time Capsule - Featuring YING a boutique design house translating every art piece hand-painted by founder, Li Ying, into creative products – from wearables to accessories and decorative
Pamela Ting & Jessica Wong
Kelly Keak featuring her customise MTM Skincare range
The Time Capsule featuring Jade , Tickle Your Senses etc
The Garden Room curated by local botanica artist Lucinda Law
The Time Capsule featuring Food Culture Sg, chairs n decor, By Kura Home etc
Dr Jade Kua & Marion Teo
Queenie Lee, Dr Jade Kua & Marilyn Lum
Cocktail concocted with Royal Salute
Karman Tse & Winnie Chan
Lucinda Law
Hillary Tjioe, Annabelle Kwok, Jingmei Li, Reena Sabarly & Amanda Jade Tan
The Time Capsule featuring Sunday Bedding, LeChelle Petite, SuperAttic
Guests customising their signature scent with Maison 21G
The Time Capsule featuring Eloise the brand, Food Culture Sg, By Kura Home etc.
The Time Capsule featuring hand-crafted works by Bynd Artisan, The Letter J Supply, Faire Leather Co. , Interstellar Goods Singapore etc
Guests recieved a personalised pen poem by the novel encounter