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Tiffany showcases High Jewellery, Tiffany T rings at ION Orchard event

《风华》读者相聚共赏Tiffany T系列

《风华》读者在蒂芙尼(Tiffany & Co.)爱雍·乌节精品店欢喜相聚,贵宾们在现场可率先见识并试戴品牌全新的Tiffany T 珠宝系列以及其他精致新品。

《风华》读者在蒂芙尼(Tiffany & Co.)爱雍·乌节精品店欢喜相聚,贵宾们在现场可率先见识并试戴品牌全新的Tiffany T 珠宝系列以及其他精致新品。

Tiffany & Co. in ION Orchard hosted an intimate evening at their boutique showcasing their latest Tiffany T collection that evokes confidence with their bold designs and guests had the opportunity to view and try on the newly arrived high jewellery sets in the boutique, including the ‘Tiffany’ Paper Flowers Wide Necklace.

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Willabelle Ong, Jessicacindy Hartono & Jas Ng
Serene Tan, wearing the 'Tiffany' Paper Flowers Wide Necklace
Fanty Soenardy
Shein Goh, Stephanie Yong, Dr Calvin Chan, Lock Ching Yuen & Serene Layanto
Kelly Keak

Stephanie Yong
Gladys Lee
Mrs Tan
Lucy Cheok
Susan Yin

Nancy Low
Kelly Keak & Gladys Lee
Jas Ng
Jessicacindy Hartono

Serene Chua
Dixie Ang
Shein Goh, Stephanie Yong, Lock Ching Yuen & Serene Layanto
Willabelle Ong
Susan Yin & Mrs Tan
Nancy Low
Benjamin Kim & Serene Tan
Gladys Lee
Serene Seet, Joycelyn Kok & Lai Shieh Lin
Serene Chua
Christel Fulhaber & Leja Seth

Joycelyn Kok & Lai Shieh Lin
Susan Yin, Mrs Tan & Jas Ng
Dixie Ang & Lucy Cheok
Lucy Cheok