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Ultherapy: A Non-Invasive Treatment For A Youthful Look

Ultherapy: 重拾弹力美肌

Merz Aesthetics在10月10日于The Luxe Art Museum举办一场Ultherapy讨论会,邀来Ageless Medical主任Lam Bee Lan 为《风华》读者讲解Ultherapy的疗程,这是一项非侵入式的肌肤拉提疗程,使用聚焦式超音波能量刺激胶原蛋白的生成,可深入皮肤深层结构组织,改善肌肤组织的修复力,有效地拉提紧肤。

讨论会由本地知名主持人许振荣(Dasmond Koh)主持,并请来Ultherapy代言人白薇秀(Joanne Peh)及本地艺人Jamie Yeo一同参与。


Merz Aesthetics hosted a panel discussion with the Director of Ageless Medical, Dr Lam Bee Lan, on 10 October at The Luxe Art Museum, introducing a non-invasive face sculpting and lifting procedure, Ultherapy. The programme was hosted by local actor, television host, radio DJ, Dasmond Koh, with special appearances by local celebrities, Joanne Peh, the ambassador of Ultherapy, and Jamie Yeo.

Both celebrities shared insights of the treatment and how it restored a youthful glow to their skin with the improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which has helped enhance the performance of their daily skincare routine and fitness regime.

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Dasmond Koh
Dr Lam Bee Lan
Jenny Zhu, Sylvester NG & Nancy Wang
Renee Tan
Grace Wong
Renee Tan, Grace Wong, Sylvester Ng, Angela Ng & Sylvie Khau
Alison Lim & Grace Wong
Evelina Hu, Low Wei Ling, Joyce Ang, Sylvester Ng, Violet Yeo & Angeline Goh
Evelyn Sam
Angeline Goh & Alison Lim
Joanne Peh
Jamie Yeo
Dr Lam Bee Lan
Dasmond Koh
Sylvie Khau
Jenny Zhu & Nancy Wang
Grace Wong & Angela Ng
Dasmond Koh, Joanne Peh, Jamie Yeo & Dr Lam Bee Lan
Dr Lam Bee Lan, Angela Ng & Grace Wong
Joyce Ang & Joanne Peh
Evelina Hu
Adeline Quek
Alicia Teo, Priscillia Nillsons & Valerie Loo

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