Events 红毯派对

Vihari & Abhishek Poddar hosted party for close friends for Deepavali


Last month, Vihari & Abhishek Poddar hosted a Deepavali party attended by society’s elites and close friends. Guests were even dressed for the occasion in traditional Indian costumes and danced the afternoon away with Bollywood dance moves taught as part of the party’s programme lineup. A snake charmer was also present to entertain guests.

上个月, Vihari 与 Abhishek Poddar   夫妻特别举办了屠妖节派对,宴请亲朋好友共聚。贵宾们为了配合派对主题,特别穿上了印族的传统服装,大家在现场欢乐起舞,犹如印度宝莱坞的璀璨世界。

Photo credits: Vihari Poddar

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Claire Jedrek & Kid, Vihari Poddar & Dhrissh Poddar
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Kids and their dad's having some fun on stage
Performers entertaining the crowd
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Snake charmer entertaining the kids
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Dr Benedict Perng & Angela Hwee with kids