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Wallich Residence wows guests at private viewing with ICON

《ICON 风华》读者共览Wallich Residence奢华住宅

Last month, readers of ICON were invited to a private viewing of Wallich Residence and its amenities. Guests were wowed by the unparalleled views the property provided as the tallest address in Singapore and had the opportunity to experience luxury living through the residential units while on a tour. An art-jamming session in the Relish Room of Wallich Residence, 290 metres over sea level,  allowed guests to be inspired by the magnificent views and get creative with their unique and bespoke art piece, which they later took home. Guests were also treated to delectable canapes by celebrity chef Angela May.

上个月,《ICON风华》读者齐聚本地奢华住宅Wallich Residence欢度一个精彩的下午。贵宾们在专人带领下浏览Wallich Residence高贵精致的住宿空间,也在这栋本地最高楼上鸟瞰新加坡美景。与此同时,贵宾们参与现场准备的艺术交流活动,在画布上挥洒创意,留下美好回忆。

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Guests at art-jamming session at Wallich Residence
Dora Chng, General Manager of GuocoLand Singapore
Gavin Sung & Mike Ho

Chiang Yu Lan

Sylvester Ng, Editor of ICON

Celebrity chef Angela May
Ann Chia & Panai Avasadanond
Sylvester Ng, Ronna Chao & Jason Lai
Gavin Sung & Mike Ho
Dr Cynthia Kew & Dr Ho Kok Sen
Sylvester Ng, Wendy Long & Sally Ong

Willynn Soh & Lim Li Fen

Jas Ng
Mike Ho
Sally Ong & Wendy Long
Yvonne Peh & Adrian Peh
Willynn Soh & Lim Li Fen