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Susanna Kang, Carmen Ow and more turned up at the Dolce & Gabbana fairy tale-themed cocktail at Ion / 风华读者齐聚Dolce & Gabbana童话主题派对

配合品牌2016秋冬系列的童话主题,Dolce & Gabbana特别在Ion Orchard专店举办一场取名为“Your Dreams Come True”的鸡尾酒派对,盛邀多位城中名媛以及时尚潮人前来参加,众人在品牌特设的梦幻场景下相聚畅饮,欢度美好一夜。

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Sonia Ong和Nancy Ong
Angelina Zheng
Susanna Kang
June Goh-Rin
Chen Jie
Anita Kapoor和Oon Shu An
Sabina Loke、Low Shu Ying和Willabelle Ong
Kitch Lum、Ow Pui Yee和Carmen Ow
Yoyo Cao
Arissa Cheo
Elsie Yah和Ann Wang
Arissa Cheo
Nancy Ong、Ee Lin Chan、Swee Lin Lim和Sonia Ong