5 hottest F1 racers to look out for in Singapore during F1 / 盘旋最帅F1赛车手

一年一度的F1赛车即将在本周末急速引爆,对于热爱一级方程式的头号车迷而言着实是一件不可错过的盛事,但对赛车一窍不通的你,不妨可将目光投射在一众帅气的车手身上。Joe Ng为你盘旋本年度外形最亮眼的五位赛车手,让你提先过过眼福。

  • Daniel Ricciardo,澳洲
  • Red Bull车队

Finished 5th. Couldn't find the extra pace today to be up on the podium. Will work at it & try make it happen in Silverstone ✊🏼

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Back to back podiums! 2nd place today. Happy camper 🙂🙃🙂🙃

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现年27岁的Daniel Ricciardo是第一位来自澳洲的F1赛车手,自小就与赛车结缘的他视伟大的巴西赛车手Ayrton Senna为偶像,是赛车界的一位不可多得的黑马。需有一脸落色胡的他穿起赛服,更显英俊挺拔。


Nico Rosberg,德国

Mercedes Formula One车队

Buongiorno Milano!! 📸 Fashion shoot for @hugoboss today. Excited for Monza? 🇮🇹 Ragazzi, pronti per la gara a Monza? Chi Viene a seguirci?! Ciao Milano! Heute haben wir in Mailand für Hugo Boss geshootet. #ItalianGP

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awesome day today at Hockenheim. make sure you come to the #GermanGP and support us! #F1istZurueck Super Tag heute in Hockenheim. Kommt alle zum Deutschland Rennen und unterstützt uns!

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虎父无犬子,父亲曾是冠军赛车手的Nico Rosberg遗传父亲的好车技,成为2015年全球排名第二的赛车手,仅次于Lewis Hamilton。


Jenson Button,英国


I struggle with the 'don't smile' pics! 😂 @michaelkors #mclaren570s

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Oh… Not the quali I was after! Problem with the rear wing on my timed lap in Q1, the team did a great job to fix it but we didn't quite have enough time to set another laptime. Thank you for all the support guys, it means so much to me. Tomorrow I'll give it my all for you 😉👊🏽 #JB22 #silverstone #britishgp #mclarenhonda photo by @latphotographic

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曾是2009年一级方程式世界冠军的Jenson Button从8岁那年开始玩Go-Kart后,便立志想要成为赛车手。他一路过关斩将,从锦标赛一直奋斗到F1车手,成为刻下最具价值的赛车手之一。