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Photos: Blue and white colours mark this couple's 100th-day-old party for their twins/ 双胞胎嘉汉和嘉卫的百日派对

本地共享办公司The Great Room 创办人黄延德(Yian Huang) & 洪可珈(Jaelle Ang)周末在办公室内为双胞胎儿子黄嘉汉和黄嘉卫举办了百日庆生派对。城中的许多名媛们都带着孩子们前来出席。宾客们都在现场乐队SaturDate的伴奏和来自Le Park的现代新式美食中度过一个悠闲的下午。

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Mummy Jaelle Ang with Liam Huang Jia Wei and daddy Yian Huang with Lincoln Huang Jia Han
Liam Huang Jia Wei and Lincoln Huang Jia Han
Celina Lin, Dr Elaine Kim and Ginny Wiluan
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Live band performance by Saturdate
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Christine Jiang carrying Liam Huang and Ang Keng Siang carrying Lincoln Huang
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Mod-sin cuisine by Le Park
Dr Ng King Kang carrying Liam Huang and Sylvester Ng carrying Lincoln
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Su-Anne Mi, Willow Mi, Winston Mi
Yian Huang, Tan SuShan, Sylvester Ng, Trina Liang, Dr Ng King Kang, Lionel Leo
Marshall and Ying Huang
Matt Shang and Paul Semple
Dr Adrian Ng and Dr Loh May-Han
Natasha Liok, Clarissa Lim, Jaelle Ang, Jane Lim
Ashley, Andre Huber, Hayley
David, Ivo and Matthew Bloodworth
Tan Su Shan and Jaelle Ang
John Lim, Jake Lim, Tjin Lee and Tyler Lim
Dr Elaine Kim and Nate Kim
Su- Anne Mi and Willow Mi