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iphone cases from top fashion brands you'd want to have

14款最靓丽iPhone XS/XS Max 奢华手机壳

苹果手机iPhone XS/XS Max面市以后迅速席卷全球,由于价格不菲,添购手机壳提供保护是绝对必需的。除了保护作用当然也不能忽略美感,我们为你找出市面上最靓丽的14款选择。
来自香奈儿Cruise 2019系列
Quilted leather phone case by Chanel, S$920 金属硬件、皮革带子、品牌印花,时尚族最想要的一款手机壳
Reverse monogram leather phone case by Louis Vuitton, S$1,910 红色鳄鱼皮高贵亮眼
Crocodile embossed shiny leather phone case by Saint Laurent, US$395 (S$544) Versace手机壳防震、时尚,背后还印有招牌的Medusa标志
3D Medusa phone case by Versace, US$250 (S$344), via Ssense 毛茸茸暖洋洋,由美国专家手工制作
Sheared beaver fur phone case by Wild & Woolly, US$375 (S$516) 与美国巨星Selena Gomez合作的趣致兔子设计
Bunny motif phone case by Coach, S$165 小牛皮Christian Dior,经典又时尚
J’adior calfskin leather phone case by Christian Dior, Price available upon request 老佛爷摇滚风
Karl Ikonik embossed faux leather phone case by Karl Lagerfeld, S$42, via Farfetch 龟壳印花大胆亮眼
Tortoise shell resin phone case by Kate Spade New York, S$74, via Nordstrom 模拟大理石质感的纤细硅材质
Marble printed silicone phone case by Recover, S$30, via Nordstrom 大笔挥霍买下最新iPhone,感觉有点guilty吗?
“Guilty” plastic phone case by Skinnydip, S$33.90, via Topshop 花花世界
Pressed floral phone case by Casetify, US$59 (S$81) 闪亮耀眼
Iridescent phone case by Paperchase, S$15, via Selfridges 纸屑印花调皮趣味
Confetti printed phone case by Casetify, US$35 (S$48)