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Lamborghini Singapore hosted a car collection party as Kimihisa Abe received his Huracan Performante

Last weekend, Kimihisa Abe hosted a car collection party and gathered some of his closest friends. Organized by Lamborghini Singapore and held at its showroom, guests witnessed the unveiling of Abe’s new Huracan Performante plus had the opportunity of an up-close look of the car over bubbly. Roger Dubuis also presented their latest timepieces to guests at the party.

上周末,兰博基尼(Lamborghini Singapore)特别在车厂为本地名流Kimihisa Abe 主办了一场“迎车”派对,并且邀请对方至亲好友一起共享这美好的一刻。嘉宾一起见证Kimihisa Abe正式成为Huracan Performante超级跑车的主人,同时也有机会就近一窥这完美的设计。罗杰杜彼(Roger Dubuis)也特别为现场嘉宾展示品牌最新腕表。

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